Transmission of Light 

DNA Activation

with the Wisdom of the Galactic Council

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6-pack and save!


Be immersed in the potent loving vibrations of the Galactic Council as they transmit light language healing codes through their long-time partner Bonnie Bogner. These codes include multidimensional sacred geometry and crystalline energies that are unique to each topic of focus.


Join us for one or all six, whichever is most supportive to you.

All transmissions are online and include a full month replay.



Purchase the package and pay for five, but receive six, plus an extended 2-month replay of each transmission.


Step into your power and become the centre of your own orbit. 


Bonnie Bogner

has been in partnership with the Galactic Council for over eight years.

Ye'Yesh Ye'Yar

Wisdom of the

Galactic Council

    We have now moved into the energetics of 2019. This is a 'three' or 'trinity' year which holds tremendous potential for creativity. It also opens us to the alignment of the three selves or aspects. When all aspects are in alignment life flows better. This alignment is a large part of the focus of our upcoming Transmission of Light DNA Activations.


    Below are the specific topics the Galactic Council has chosen to share with us in support of our evolvement into greater alignment. Choose one or more that are calling to you. There will be one event per month, with a full month replay. Or purchase the special six-pack and receive receive one event for free plus extended two-month replays.


    Transmission of Light DNA Activation Series:


    Tuesday, January 8th - Are we there yet?
    Monday, February 11th - Who do you think you are?
    Thursday, March 7th - Lower Self (subconscious)
    Tuesday, April 9th - Higher Self (super conscious)
    Wednesday, May 8th - Middle Self (conscious)
    Thursday, June 6th - Embracing Authentic


    All of the Transmission of Light events work synergistically to assist in our process of growing, building and awakening.


    Upgrade your access and your energy: If you are seriously committed to your path to ascension, you may wish to have access to unlimited replays, transmission transcripts and downloads, plus additional monthly support channels and coaching calls. If this describes you, then the Galactic Council Inner Circle is for you!

    • Monthly online event from the comfort of your own home at 7:00 pm CST (SK).

    • You can use this link to convert to your local time - starting location is Regina, SK

    • Enjoy the live event and replay frequently as frequently as you wish. Some members of the Inner Circle listen to the transmissions each night as they go to sleep.

    • Full 30 day replay for single purchase, special extended replay for those purchasing full series.